Projects and Publications


Internships & Certificates:


  • DAiSEE : Towards the User Engagement Recognition in the wild
    It is one of a kind video dataset available here. The project involved the reliable recognition of the videos in the wild, and Developement of well organised dataset with proper documentattions. It also involved the implementation of deep-neural netwroks and 3D Convolution Techniques. This project was a part of my summer internship @Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad
  • Google Play App Rating Prediction
    The my first Data Mining Project. I used the kaggle dataset: Google Play Store App. I used SVM, Regression, K-Nearest Neighbour(KNN) and Artificial Neural Network(ANN) for the task. Report is avialable here
  • IIIT Vadodara College Website
    It is the repository of the source code for official website of Indian Institute of Information Technology Vadodara. I worked as Supporting Developer in the project. You can call contributor() function in debugging console of your browser to see the full list of contributors
  • GBike Digital System
    I worked as Main Back-End Developer and Web App Deisgner for the Web and phone integrated App for GBike project, Gnadinagar, Gujarat, India. THe project is an initiative of Gandhinagar Urban Developement Authority, Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India.
  • Location Assistant
    Location Assistant is an android app which lets you share you current loation on Google-Maps with you friends. You can add/remove you friendlist and people in your friend will be able to track you your location whenever they want. It has many additional features like location baed reminders, location baed notifications etc.
  • LaunchX
    LaunchX is a AutoHotKey based quick shortcut app for launching you favourite and frequently used apps on windows with just one click.


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