Time. When we say “Time” everyone goes like, “Oh! I waste a lot of time on unnecessary things, and end up regretting later”. Time management is one of the rarest and most important skills found in one. It requires discipline to follow an optimised routine for a prolific life style. So, Is it really tough to manage time? Is it really a deal of firm determination & great dedication to make a habit of good time management?

Well, It is but not if you do it with a proper action plan. I am here with 3 step process to manage your time better in three easy steps.

It is often said:

“It takes 21 days to make a habit and 90 days to make a lifestyle.”

All you need is consistency. As discussed in a video on Time Management from the Wellcast team. We need to follow a three step process:

RAC: Record, Analyse and Change.

Record your day and try to make a list of mistakes you think you did which led you wasting you time. Do a budget. Pick 5 biggest mistakes of your day. Record them. These are the major reasons of your regrets when you think about how your day was before sleeping.

Analyze these mistakes and think what can you do about them. Try to change them. Write your mistakes into tabular form. Put three columns on the table. The first column will contain a short one line description of your mistake. The second one would be there for a one line analysis of the mistake, more like a comment or remark. And what can be done about it, how can you change this, will go into the last column.

Make a To-DO List and prioritize it. Do not go overboard with enthusiasm. Try to be limited to 5 tasks per day. And try to finish them by the end of the day. It gives us confidence and happiness when we set up goals and complete them in a given time-limit.

Declutter and set timelines for each task. Set the start and stop point. Try to adhere to your To-Do List and time line you prepared. Set alarms and reminders. Do not be a victim of Procrastination.

Discipline is the key if it’s a good life style you wish to accomplish. Best of luck.

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